“I’m an adult who goes to A Kids Dentist, actually to Dr. Shah. I find her to be an exceptional dentist. Not only does she do outstanding work but she communicates with you in a clear and concise manner. Her skills administering anesthetics are unique among most dentists. Even with a nerve block I hardly feel a thing when she is administering the block. She really cares about her patient’s needs and always makes sure the job needing to be done is done right. You will always be satisfied with your dentist if your dentist is Dr. Shah.”



“Dr. Shah has been amazing. Just completed an extensive dental overhaul due to years of abuse. As well as being a coward. Her office staff has been great to walk with and extremely comforting. The full set of upper veneers are amazing as well. I’m Gorgeous!!”



“We love A Kid’s Dentist!! Dr. Shah & Staff are amazing with kids. With the latest video games magazines & T.V.’s @ each chair, what kid wouldn’t want to come here. Dr. Shah and Staff are extremely professional & patient even with the toughest little patients! Keep up the amazing work & we will keep sending in referrals!”



“My kiddos have been going to this dentist since they were babies. Dr. Shah has been amazing with helping our family. My ten year old will have an amazing smile forever thanks to her!”



“We’ve been receiving services from A Kids Dentist for 12 years now. Our children would look forward to coming to see Dr. Shah & the nice staff. I highly recommend going to A Kids Dentist for any dental work.”


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